An Insomniac Writes – When Do You Write?

When does a writer write? How does a writer write? These are the thoughts the plague my mind when I should be down and out under the magical spell of the sandman, but, alas, it is not to be, at least not at this moment – maybe when this glass of wine is finished.

When does your muse strike you? Yes, you? It’s 11pm here. Not too late unless you have to be up at 6:30 for work (and my body likes it’s eight hours of sleep). But I couldn’t sleep not even with a sleep aid floating around in my system. So, instead of tossing and turning, I got up, poured myself a smallish glass of white wine, lit a number of candles in my room because I find candlelight so much more conducive to relaxing and to thinking than florescent light. I have a little bit of aroma therapy going, some peppermint and eucalyptus, to help with my sinus headache. That cool scent of peppermint feels just as good going through the sinuses as it does on the tongue. And the only artificial light I have going is the dimmed out screen of my computer. I figure if it’s my thoughts that are keeping me awake then I might as well share those thoughts.

This is not the story I want to write. This is not even one of the five stories I have floating around in my head, but, unfortunately, even though I feel the need to write, I also feel the need to keep a wary eye on the clock on the right hand corner of screen telling me it is most definitely time to go to bed. Just a few more sips of wine left. This is really not a story at all, I’m sure ya’ll have figured that out by now. It is just another musing of a wandering, untamed mind. I never said that everything I post here would be worth reading. I’m just excited that this blog has given me a new ambition to write. I never realized how much I wanted to share. And by having very few people to share with, it limited my desire to write. This has awakened a new excitement in me . . .  I just wish that excitement could come at a more reasonable hour.

So, again, how do you like to write? When do you like to write? What kind of environment suits you best (aroma therapy, candlelight, and slight intoxication like me, or something totally different)? When does your muse strike? Is she a sadistic bitch like mine, or a little nicer than that.

Well, I hope this is goodnight for now. There is so very much I wish to write. So many stories I wish to tell, but I think they will have to wait another night when the candles are a little brighter and the wine glass hasn’t quite hit empty.


One thought on “An Insomniac Writes – When Do You Write?

  1. For me, I feel like I’m always writing. I’m always thinking- Right now I’m out of school for a month because my exams were down early and I have a gap until summer school but I’m at a complete loss. I love learning, and it’s just so frustrating to relax… yeah, it sounds weird; but it’s true. I was actually on my Facebook yesterday writing about language in Call of Duty, and doing a feminist reading of Super Mario- just because I needed to write.

    When that happens- even at night time, I find that the best thing to do is let it out- just write in a word document or a diary or something and get everything off of your mind as it comes. My teacher always tells me when I’m going to start an essay- Don’t think- just write. It works. I can’t sit and write, I have to trust my musings, and inspiration; they come at the most inconvenient times, but it’s when I get great ideas; I don’t care what I’m doing, trying to sleep, sitting in a lecture, watching a show with my family- if inspiration comes I am up and at a table with a piece of paper in an instant.

    By the way- I’m an insomniac too-always have been and always will be- it’s not so bad, I tend to think of night not as “bedtime” but as “rest time” It’s still quiet and you can recharge even if you’re not asleep.

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