Pointless Musings, before Dawn, from an Insomniac . . .

Up at 5:30 in the morning. Let me stress that, in the morning, part. I am NOT a morning person. I think that this may actually be the first time I have been awake AND gotten out of bed without having to be somewhere or having to finish a paper because I waited until the last minute and it’s due in 4 hours. So what does one do when one is unaccustomly (yes I’m aware that this is probably not a real word, but hey, writer and English teacher here, I’m allowed to make up words as I go.)  awake at 5:30 in the morning? Well, if one is a writer then one writes. Too bad a parasitic sinus headache is the reason why I’m awake. Headaches are bad. Bad for everyone who is so unfortunate as to get them, but they are especially bad for people like me. People whose lives revolve around . . . no scratch that . . . people whose lives ARE reading and writing (and jobs that are mostly computer based, but that’s not as important as the reading and writing part). I say this because reading and writing are two of the absolute worst things one can do when one has a nasty headache, especially if that reading and writing is done on a computer. Triple whammy right there (Go me Go!). So here I am at, 6:30 in the morning, writing this rather pointless musing. Writing this because I’d rather write this than read Freshmen assignments at 6:30 in the morning. I do have a writing idea in my head that I’m excited to work on. One that keeps me up all hours of the night because I am writing it in my head when I should be sleeping (because apparently that’s the only time my brain likes to focus, when the rest of me is asleep). But for some reason, I’m not feeling my brain wanting to write it now. My Muse? She is a fucking bitch – let me just tell you. I hate her, but you get what you get and I got one who likes to write as I try to sleep and refuses to write when the computer is open in front of me. Anyhow, I am awake, long before I want to be, perhaps a nap is in my near future . . . rambling again, perhaps I can put this early morning to good use – if I don’t fall asleep at my computer.  Good Morning All!


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