Imagination. Well, I had this big glorious post about imagination planned out. Maybe even throw in some thoughts on the links between imagination and insanity, a double I for you all out there. How imagination links all of humanity. That not only writers and authors thrive off of it, but scientists and engineers because everything…Read more Imagination

F for Fiction

Fiction.:"something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story" ~ Creative Lies. I have an MA degree in History as well as English; therefore, people are always surprised when I tell them I don't like to read History books (with a few exceptions) or Biographies. I don't like to  watch the…Read more F for Fiction


Like a tidal wave crashing in the night, it comes without warning.Drowning its victim in darkness and despair.Late in the night when most vulnerable, the crushing weight bears down on the soul. The day was full of sunshine and flowersFussy babies, colorful eggs, and chocolate bunnies.Laughter and tickles, beautiful girls in beautiful dresses, and family. Family is…Read more Depression