Like a tidal wave crashing in the night, it comes without warning.
Drowning its victim in darkness and despair.
Late in the night when most vulnerable, the crushing weight bears down on the soul.
The day was full of sunshine and flowers
Fussy babies, colorful eggs, and chocolate bunnies.
Laughter and tickles, beautiful girls in beautiful dresses, and family.
Family is gone and
Distractions are not desired: T.V. nor books, puzzles nor paintings,
hold no appeal.
The waters thunder in the ears, pulling under, keeping under.
The water lashes around the legs like whips, dragging down, deep down.
Suffocating under the invisible weight.
Thoughts of life flow unbidden through the mind, through the heart
Resting deep in the stomach.
A heavy weight on the chest. A sickness in the belly.
Happy thoughts filled the day. Anxious thoughts thicken the night.
The thief snuck in during those precious vulnerable hours.
Snuck in to steal what was fought for.
Snuck in to steal:
Peace has been such a close friend.
Fading from the mind were those old acquaintances: anxiety, stress, despair.  
But, they have found their way home.
To bring down what was once high.
To drown and suffocate what was just beginning to bloom.       

 A-Z Challenge [D- April 4, 2013]
(This is my first poem. What do you think?)

7 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Amazing for a first poem. I’m not a poet but it sounded lovely. I would have said you have been writing poems for years.
    I don’t know what it is about depression but I know it affects me more at night than in the day. It’s like you said, a wave that covers me in despair.

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