Hello, I’m Ever

This is a character biography, incomplete at the moment, but a start.

Hello, my name is Ever. Just Ever for now; I don’t have a last name yet. See, I am an experiment—in more ways than one, but I’ll get to that later. I am a character without a story, well without a story yet. See, Sarah was looking for a way to create new and different characters. So, on the advice of some great writers, she decided to create just a character. No big grand story with plot or anything. Just me. I am also a creation born out of the AtoZ blog challenge. Sarah couldn’t think of anything to do for letter E. Well, nothing that she liked, then the word ever came to her mind. And within moments I was born. She thought Ever was a pretty awesome name for a character, and I have to say, I quite like it myself.

So, my name is Ever Nolastname. I am female, 27 years old. I was born in 2063 in a lab. I’m a genetically engineered clone. I guess I lied earlier. I don’t technically have a story yet, but I somewhat belong to a world previously created by Sarah. I don’t know yet how I fit into that world, but I belong to it. Currently I live in a bombed out, destroyed ghetto of what used to be Los Angeles.

I’m beautiful. I know I sound horribly vain, but think on this: If you’re going to spend lots of money to clone and genetically engineer a person, why would you make them ugly or even just normal? You wouldn’t, so logically, I’m beautiful. I’m blond, a light blond but not the creepy white blond like Draco from Harry Potter. And I have purple eyes; no contacts here, my eyes are naturally purple, well as natural as genetically engineered eyes can be.  I’m tall 5’9 to be exact because everything about me is exact. I’m not soft, definitely not voluptuous. I’m athletic looking but not boyish.

Well that is a brief introduction to me, very brief I know, but Sarah isn’t feeling well and the creative juices aren’t flowing very freely today. Hope to talk to you again soon. a-to-z-letters-e


5 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Ever

    • Thank you, I intend to. I had hoped to flesh her out more, but I’m not feeling to great and so the brain isn’t working too well. But yes, once the name came to me, it was a lot easier to create her.

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