Jane Austen and Joss Whedon Junkie

a-to-z-letters-jJane Austen and Joss Wheden, oh my goodness, is she really going to talk about a Jane Austen and Joss Wheden in the same post? Yes, yes I am. And in fact for those of you willing to read to the end, I’m even going to throw in a bit of Dr. Who. What do Jane Austen and Joss Wheden have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than they are both creators, artists of some of my favorite things.

I adore Jane Austen. I adore her as a writer and as an unmarried woman who lived in 19th century England where it was a marry or parish mentality. I love Jane Austen’s books. They all have unrealistic happy endings, but at least the women had to go through a few realistic trials and troubles to get those joyous endings. And they all put their men through some very realistic and, dare I say? necessary troubles as well.  As an avid reader, it is always difficult for me to answer that hated question “What is your favorite book?” My look often betrays my inner thoughts and those thoughts are often, “Is that a trick question?” Choosing a favorite book is impossible. I can maybe give you a favorite book or series in very narrow genre categories, but please don’t ask me to give you the title of a single favorite book; however, I can give the name of a favorite author. Again, she is not the only favorite, but she is in the top slots: Jane Austen. I have read all her books. I have read a couple more than once and one more than twice. I have multiple copies of Pride and Prejudice because I need an entertainment reading copy and a scholarly reading copy, the copy that is all marked up because I have written papers on it. I have seen all the movies, multiple versions. I have watched the 5 hour A&E Pride and Prejudice more times than I can remember, and I am always left dumb when people don’t see the awesomeness of that movie. I hate the Kira Knightly version but own it just in case I need a Pride and Prejudice fix. As part of my career and my academic studies, I sincerely hope to spend some time studying the life and world of Jane Austen and her books.

At the same time, I am also a huge science fiction/supernatural fan. And I love Joss Whedon. I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series many many times. I think I am watching the series through for about the 6th time right now, maybe more. I own not only Buffy but Angel and  Firefly, and I’ve seen Dollhouse. And that’s not counting all the awesome movies he’s done. I don’t know why I love Joss Whedon so much, maybe it’s the vampires or the space cowboys, perhaps it’s the fact that the characters create their own family, or maybe it’s because he very often kills a beloved character in his shows. Ya, Joss Whedon is not known for his happy endings. I’ve even signed up for a “Joss in June” conference, and even though I can’t go, I’m still going to write my Angel and Spike paper and submit it for publication. Yes, I wasn’t lying about the junkie part. I also plan on “studying” Firefly for my dissertation.

Yes, my tastes are quite . . . eclectic. I’m a nerd. I take my entertainments and turn them into a career. In time, I hope to do that with both Jane Austen and Joss Whedon.

Recently, I have also become a Dr. Who addict. Now prepare yourself – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for all Dr. Who watchers – BEWARE!!! I have just finished season 3 and all I have to say is JACK HARKNESS IS WHO???!!!! Oh my! Oh my! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION STOP NOW! I finished season 3 at 2am and I was bouncing. I wanted to text all my friends, but knew no one was awake. Oh my goodness, Jack Harkness is who? The Face of Boe? No? Nooooo! Noo? Nooooo?! What?????


16 thoughts on “Jane Austen and Joss Whedon Junkie

  1. What is your favourite Jane Austen? Mine is Persuasion. I agree with you about the P&P version with Knightly–I didn’t like it at all. I felt like I was watching the book in fast forward. I like the long versions.

    I like Whedon too. I’m a firefly junkie.

    • I think my favorite book is P&P but I love all of them. They each have their own little charm. So, it’s really hard to choose. Ya, that’s why I didn’t care for Knightly’s version the sub plots are sooooo important and they just took them out or minimized them – not cool.

  2. Jane Austen, oh man- now maybe it’s because I’m only 19 and just completely out of it- but Jane Austen is not someone who is ever going to be on my must-read list of authors, unless it’s for school. Maybe it’s because of the books I have been introduced to by her: Number One twelfth grade: Sense and Sensibility was AWFUL. I just had to read Northanger Abbey this year in my second year of university, and it was slow at the beginning, but started to pick up towards the end- it wasn’t something I would have chosen to read though. The only thing that gets me through a Jane Austen book is forcing myself to remember that she was writing for her time- that was what people LIKED in the 1800’s- it’s not about what I like, but what the people then liked… I hope it’s an acquired taste that I’ll get used to, like guacamole; or maybe there’s a book of hers I haven’t read that I would like-I’ve heard that Emma is good- I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, maybe I’m scared that I’ll be disappointed.

    So, do you have a suggestion for someone Jane-Austen-resistant who really wants to give her one last try before she gives her up as a lost cause?

    • I loved Jane Austen from the first time I read her, and I think I was about your age when I first read her. So it is really hard for me to choose one you might like because well I love them all. But my favorite is Pride and Prejudice, but that is a kind of long one. Persuasion is also pretty good and much shorter. If, after reading one of those, you still don’t like Jane Austen then I think you can still pat yourself on the back and say you gave her a fair try which is all anyone can ask.

  3. I have a hard time choosing just one book as my favorite. I think it matters at what stage in your life is that favorite book as well. The book that was my favorite when I was younger of course is not going to be my favorite for a lifetime. That’s what’s so brilliant about books. I don’t have to have a favorite book. Haha!
    I too am quite eclectic and a new Dr. Who addict. 

  4. I always enjoyed Angel and buffy, but I have never seen Firefly. I probably will at some time because one of my favorite actors plays the lead, Nathan Fillion. I love his character in Castle due to his comedic timing and expressions!

  5. I share your love of Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice won me over and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I agree that it’s nearly impossible to pick a favourite book but it’s much easier to narrow it down to favourite authors. I don’t know too much about Joss Whedon but many people seem to be big fans.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z. 🙂

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