Love Thy (Gay) Neighbor

I have done my damnedest to stay out of the marriage equality/Christianity debate. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of this fact in the least. But I am getting so angry and so frustrated by the many “Christian” posts about the “rejoicing of sinners” and the final judgement belongs to God. There are many others that are so much worse (and apparently videos of parents punishing their children for coming out). Yes, the final judgement belongs to God, and what makes you think you will remain judgement free with your hypocritical, bigoted hatred. Jesus stated that the two FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT commandments were Love the Lord your God with all your heart AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR/YOUR FRIEND/YOUR BROTHER/YOUR DAUGHTER – including your homosexual neighbor – AS YOURSELF. Those are the commandments I live my life by. LOVE! And when I stand before him, he will judge me on that. Maybe I will have to ask him if I was right or wrong for loving with all my heart my gay friends and family, but I know I will honestly be able to stand before him and say “I lived as best I could by your most important commandments: to love. Judge me as you will for that.” With this kind of hate and bigotry in your heart, can you stand before your God without fear and say that?

I recently posted “Wrecked” in which I discuss my struggles with premarital sex. For all of you who dare hold judgement in your hands, why have you not yet cast your stones at me? According to the Bible, homosexual sin and premarital sex fall under sexual sin as does divorce, adultery, lust, ect. Where are the stone for all those who have ever slept with more than their current spouse? Or for those who have ever gotten a divorce? Adultery or lust of the heart? I have homosexual friends who have been far more loyal to their partner than I myself have ever been or many of my Christian friends? Shall we divvy up the stones? I received nothing but love and support after my blog post was published, why? How can you love me, yet hate those whom I love?

Religion is a societal construct that so often espouses hate. Remember, I am a Christian and I hate religion because of this hatred and bigotry. I am not saying Christians are not allowed their beliefs – and their beliefs should also be respected, but Christians should also respect the basic rights of homosexuals. Neither side needs to hate. Hate only tears us apart as a people. I hate religion that promotes hate. I believe in a relationship – it may sound cliché, but it’s true. That relationship is not always great, because of me, I recently flipped God off and gave him the silent treatment for months. But I am always loved. Because that is what it all boils down to, and that is where religion has always failed. Love thy neighbor – even thy gay neighbor. Their LEGAL (see: government, law) right to marry has absolutely no bearing on your religion, relationship, or belief in God. Your judgement only gives them reason to hate and distrust God even more – how is that showing his love, grace, and mercy? Love thy neighbor. God made it so very simple, yet we make it so very complicated.



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