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Hello, I’m Sarah Marie.  11427678_10207144282629580_6567782658917081002_n Sarah M. Gawronski. Miss G~. I was born in California, raised in Utah, and now pursuing my education amongst the bugs and gators in Louisiana. I may be allergic to Louisiana, that is yet to be determined. I was raised by a rather conservative mother and was a daddy’s girl. It took me a very long time to find my own path.

I’m currently working towards my Ph.D in English Literature with a Focus in Science Fiction and Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Literature. I also have a passion for Gender Studies. It is remarkable to see awareness enlighten an 18 year old as we openly and safely discuss rape culture or burka bans or basic gender disparity for both men and women. Topics no one has ever discussed with them before without judgement and hate.

I love men. But very recently, I have become very passionate about fighting for women and our right to walk down the street without fear. The hope that one day we don’t have to teach our daughters how to hold their keys in their hand to prepare for a potential attack. The hope that bar culture and “boys will be boys” and rape jokes really aren’t what’s normal. I fight for unity and peace and love. I’m not an idealist. I’m a fighter with hope. And I fight with my words. In a world of hate and hypocrisy, I simply attempt to be a voice of love and reason. 

“What is important is the story. Because when we are all dust and teeth and kicked-up bits of skin–when we’re dancing with our own skeletons–our words might be all that’s left of us.” ~ Alexandra Fuller, Scribbling The Cat.

If you wish to contact me without leaving a public post, I’ve created an email specifically for this blog and my writings: strangelittledreams@gmail.com


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