How many times do we let fear dictate our actions? or the path we take in life? I'm not talking about the fear you feel while watching a scary movie or doing something new and scary. I'm talking about the deep rooted fear that was ingrained by years of habit through repeated use of control…Read more Fear


Wrecked (my testimony #3)

It's been a very long time since I've taken time to write here. It's been even longer since I've written anything really worth something, something from the heart. I've decided now was a good time to continue my story. I don't know why, unlike the last two ("1 year" and "No Longer Shamed but Forgiven")…Read more Wrecked (my testimony #3)

No Longer Shamed but Forgiven (my testimony #1)

After much thought and personal deliberation, I have decided that every now and again I will write faith based posts. For a long time, I avoided such public proclamations of my faith, not because I was ashamed or embarrassed, but because I never felt knowledgeable enough to join that conversation - others are much more…Read more No Longer Shamed but Forgiven (my testimony #1)