“Sci-Fi Writer Predicts Feminist Future” Patricia Gannon (The Advocate)

Ms. Gannon from the Acadiana-Advocate, a local newspaper, interviewed me and my science fiction studies and interests. Attached is a PDF scan of the article (you'll have to rotate it to read):  Newspaper interview 


True Love . . .

I cannot tell you how many countless moments, hours, days, years I have spent thinking and dreaming about love. I have never wanted anything in my life more than to find that one and only meant for me happily ever after. Often, I feel my entire existence is filled with that longing. However, over that…Read more True Love . . .


Imagination. Well, I had this big glorious post about imagination planned out. Maybe even throw in some thoughts on the links between imagination and insanity, a double I for you all out there. How imagination links all of humanity. That not only writers and authors thrive off of it, but scientists and engineers because everything…Read more Imagination

F for Fiction

Fiction.:"something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story" ~ Merriam-Webster.com Creative Lies. I have an MA degree in History as well as English; therefore, people are always surprised when I tell them I don't like to read History books (with a few exceptions) or Biographies. I don't like to  watch the…Read more F for Fiction