True Love . . .

I cannot tell you how many countless moments, hours, days, years I have spent thinking and dreaming about love. I have never wanted anything in my life more than to find that one and only meant for me happily ever after. Often, I feel my entire existence is filled with that longing. However, over that…Read more True Love . . .


Monsters under the Bed

I have long since grown out of my fear of monsters under the bed. I am no longer the scared little girl who can't bear to stretch her bare legs over the side of the bed for fear that some hairy arm is going to reach out and grab hereven though she has to pee…Read more Monsters under the Bed

Guardians Against Tyranny

I don't often interject myself into the political conversation of the day. I am rarely interested. I often feel I am too uniformed to have any valid opinion. And I simply do not enjoy political debates or discourse. Unfortunately, something has been said recently that I simply cannot ignore. I study dystopian literature. I have…Read more Guardians Against Tyranny